Coffee with the feel-good factor

Your morning pick-me-up is about to give you more than just a caffeine kick, you can also enjoy the warm fuzzies that come with knowing you’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. A daily caffeine habit comes with using some form of packaging to house your favourite bean.

Thankfully, a new initiative will see coffee-related packaging redirected to end up where it should. Captain Planet would be stoked.

Nespresso’s latest collaboration with New Zealand Post will see the portioned-coffee pioneer extend their current recycling efforts to reach those who live outside of our country’s main cities.

Thanks to a cleverly designed recycling bag, coffee lovers can drop their used Nespresso capsules into their local PostShop in more than 270 locations around New Zealand.

The only coffee capsule to be made of infinitely recyclable aluminium, the reincarnation journey starts at your local PostShop and ends at a specialist recycling plant where specialised equipment separates aluminium from the residual coffee grounds. A win for local producers; the coffee grounds become compost, and a win for aluminium manufacturers who receive the bailed metal to create new products. So. Much. Yes.

For a mere $1.50, Nespresso drinkers can purchase the post-paid recycling bags at their local boutique, or order them online. Small but mighty, the bags hold up to 130 used capsules.

The latest initiative is in conjunction with a number of other planet-savings efforts undertaken by Nespresso, including hosting collection points at five boutiques across the country, and more than 100 drop-off locations at participating florists and garden centres nationwide.

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Photography: Babiche Martens