A classic Kiwi lunch to cure your summer FOMO: BurgerFuel's Fush & Chups meal

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.59.22 PMYou're back to work and it sucks, we know. We're in the same boat, staring out the window and counting down to 5pm when we can gap it out of the office and straight to the nearest beach or barbecue. It's the little things that get us through these days back at the office, so we were delighted to discover the very best of quintessential summer Kiwi tucker has been combined into an easy lunchtime snack. The Fush & Chups meal at BurgerFuel is a nifty little DIY creation; It includes the Firestone Fish Burger and a box of spud fries. We suggest you chuck the fries into the burger and wash it down with an L&P. Your afternoons eating fish and chips at the beach this summer might be over, now that you're back at work. But this little number will help you pretend you're there... Or you could call in a cheeky sick day and take your Fush & Chups meal to the beach! Visit BurgerFuel online here for more information.