Ceremony: The new Auckland hub we can't get enough of

Words by Lauren Matthews from The Kitchen Collective While others are happy to bander about inspirational quotes like there's no tomorrow, I have one saying I like to abide by - 'keep it simple, stupid'. The new kid on the Grafton block has done just that, unknowingly capturing my favourite quote and turning it into brick and mortar. It's not just the interior of Ceremony that encapsulates simplicity, it's the menu, the delicious Flight coffee, and overall laid-back vibe of this well thought-out cafe. Co-owners, Charles Williams and friend, Connor Nestor are a welcoming duo. We visited during their opening week, and while the small space was indeed bustling, the staff were attentive and the service quick. The menu has a total of eight items to choose from, with a ninth in the form of a special, changing fortnightly. If, like me, you've followed the likes of infamous outposts in Los Angeles, such as Egg Slut and Free Range LA, wishing and hoping (or even cursing) that someone would take inspiration from them, well bingo - you're in luck. There's no doubt that in all its youth, Ceremony has become known for their breakfast sandwiches - there's smoked bacon with cheddar, caramelised onions and chipotle ketchup; pork and fennel sausage, slaw and Sriracha mayo; or, for the vegos, wild mushroom, vege patty and baby spinach - all boasting a gooey over-easy egg for that self saucing factor upon first bite and encased in a soft brioche bun. There's also an attractive salad bowl on offer: pearls of Israeli couscous tossed with butternut, feta, capsicums, cashews and topped with a perfectly poached egg. There's soup for those that need their cockles warming, and a house-made bircher. If something sweet is what you're after I would highly recommend the brioche toast - an incredibly generous slice of sweet, buttery goodness, smeared with either homemade seasonal jam, chocolate or nut butter (when I visited it was pistachio, and it was good). The space isn't huge, and the tables communal, but that's all part of creating a community hub - a vision the duo wanted for their cafe. So, if you haven't already been to Ceremony, what are you waiting for? Personable service, impeccable coffee and damn good food all housed under one roof - visiting Ceremony will no doubt become an event of ritual significance in its own right. [gallery ids="6163,6166,6174,6170,6168"]