The cocktails you need to try this winter

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To pay special tribute to our latest Party Issue and Remix’s 21st birthday, three leading mixologists created their own bespoke cocktail creations each complete with the refreshing energy of V Pure, made with natural ingredients.

To V or not to V

By Georgie Holibar at Mea Culpa

30ml Gin
30ml Grapefruit Juice
22.5mL Lime Juice
15mL Rosemary infused sugar syrup
One dash of rhubarb bitters
Topped with V Pure

Garnished with a grapefruit wheel twist with rosemary flowers

‘This cocktail was created around the V Pure base, with the pungent garnish hitting first then the sharper citrus taste afterward – Geordie Holibar

El Chubacabra

By Ben Taylor at Fhloston

45mL Arette Reposado tequila
20mL Lime juice
30mL Pineapple juice
20mL Tropical syrup (passion fruit, guava, or mango)
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Topped with V Pure

‘As a mixer V Pure plays very well with our other ingredients; its not too aggressive or overbearing. It makes for a perfect pairing with tequila to get the party started’ – Ben Taylor

V Me Up Scotty

By Jonny Cresswell at Revelry

45mL Blended scotch whisky
15mL Manzana Verde (green apple liqueur)
15mL Lemon Juice
15mL Lime Juice
Topped with V Pure

‘The cleanness of the V Pure is important – more and more people care about the quality of what they are drinking as much as the taste.’