Get the best sea views with this transparent kayak

It’s time to let your Little Mermaid dreams run wild. The Crystal Kayak Company in America have re-imagined the kayaking experience and created a fully transparent kayak, enabling paddlers to easily observe the spectacles of the sea-life below them.

Slick, lightweight and ergonomic, the Crystal Explorer is the perfect addition to your next seaside adventure. It’s a canoe-kayak hybrid, created using the same material as windshields, and designed to withstand any conditions from flat to choppy. Each Crystal Explorer comes with two lightweight carbon-fiber paddles, flotation pouches, and a beach trolley. It also features two uber-comfy, adjustable seats so you can paddle solo or with a pal.

Obtaining your own Crystal Explorer will set you back around $2100 NZD, but they're also available for hire at resorts in Florida, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Honduras, Hawaii and Las Vegas. The Crystal Kayak Company are also working on a number of other transparent aquatic toys, which they promise to deliver in the near future.

Check this epic drone video of the crystal kayaks in action, or head over to the Crystal Kayak Company website for more info.