Remix chats to Kelly Mac about her favourite at-home workout with Technogym

Remix had the opportunity to interview Kelly Mac, a local award-winning personal trainer and woman's wellness advocate. Specialising in mobility training and corrective exercises, Kelly aspires to aid others in attaining their personal aspirations, coaching clients and guiding them through reconnection with their bodies so that they can reach a true state of empowerment. 

Kelly discusses her life-changing challenges, the future of fitness, her life as a rhythmic gymnast & her favourite training methods for an optimum lifestyle. 

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Kelly, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I had a white-picket-fence-type childhood in East Auckland. My father was a real estate agent, and sometimes musician. My mother was a pattern maker and designer who worked out of her home studio with my grandmother, a lampshade maker. I also had two beautiful older brothers to compete with growing up, which helped shape who I am today. My mother and grandmother were true role models for me. While they worked in a ‘stereotypical’ industry at the time, they both defied stereotypes. My grandmother had been a national basketball and table tennis champion. Having two strong women in my life taught me to be resilient and to have faith in myself. My mother also introduced me to Holistic well-being and our family visited naturopaths from an early age. 

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I started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 7 and continued until I was 22. Throughout that time I travelled all over the world representing New Zealand, with the pinnacle of my career being my chance to attend the 2014  Commonwealth games in Glasgow. In that same year, at the age of 20, I nursed my mother at home while she died of cancer just a few months before the games.

 After her passing my father had an Aneurysm, but survived, and consequently retired and shifted his life to the Hawkes Bay… my Grandparents passed away not long after. I began having seizures. I was prescribed medication that altered my state of mind and chose to ditch it for supplementation, nutrition, and exercise. I lost my safe, peaceful family life and was forced to be completely independent. In 2016 I got a scholarship to complete my cert three & four in fitness and became a Personal trainer, starting at Les Mills Britomart in 2017.Since then I have been lucky enough to win several awards in the industry and choreograph programs for international fitness brands.

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Where do you think the future of fitness is going?

The future of fitness appears to be increasingly intertwined with technology, which is quite thrilling. The evolution of fitness tech over the years has been remarkable to witness. With the widespread adoption of smartwatches and other devices offering detailed biofeedback and data, people are gaining deeper insights into their bodies. It’s foreseeable that in the future, many will transition away from large commercial gyms, opting instead for smaller boutique gyms or creating personalised gym spaces at home, while relying on fitness apps for training guidance.


You competed in the NZ Commonwealth games as a Gymnast in 2014, now 10 years later do you train very differently to a gymnast?

Absolutely! My training regimen has undergone a significant transformation since my days as a gymnast. Firstly, my body has experienced changes—I’ve lost around 20% of my flexibility compared to my gymnast days. The intensity and specificity of rhythmic gymnastics training at the highest level demanded four hour sessions, six times a week. Nowadays, my training schedule consists of five to six sessions per week, each lasting about an hour. While this may seem relatively brief, my active lifestyle ensures that I typically accumulate between 12,000-17,000 steps per day. My current training routine prioritises strength development, maintaining lean muscle mass, addressing imbalances, enhancing my range of motion, and ensuring that my body remains capable and resilient. Which is very different from the old hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon, ensuring I don’t injure myself these days. 

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How do you feel your body and health has changed since those days in regards to a change in training methods?

My body and health have undergone notable changes since my gymnastics days, particularly regarding shifts in training methods. Firstly, I’ve gained a significant amount of muscle mass, which contributes to feeling stronger and more capable overall. Remarkably, I can’t recall the last time I experienced an injury, whereas during my gymnastics training, injuries were nearly constant. Additionally, I now have much more energy. In gymnastics, there was often pressure to eat less while training for long hours, leading to exhaustion and detrimental effects on my metabolism and hormonal balance. Today, my metabolism and hormonal systems are stable, allowing me to maintain a healthier and more sustainable approach to training and overall well-being.

You’re a big advocate for at-home workouts, what is the hero workout tool you’re loving in 2024?

The Technogym Bench has become my go-to hero workout tool in 2024, and I absolutely love its convenience. It’s sleek, stylish, and equipped with everything necessary for efficient home workouts. Whether it’s a quick session or a more comprehensive routine, the Technogym Bench provides the versatility and functionality I need to stay on track with my fitness goals from the comfort of home.

How does the Technogym range assist in your workouts personally/ or with clients?

The Technogym range, particularly the Technogym Bench, has significantly enhanced both my personal workouts and those of my clients. Personally, I’ve found it invaluable for my home mobility sessions. The bench’s design allows for seamless integration with various exercises, from incorporating weights for strength training to utilising lighter hand-held weights ideal for pilates and controlled articular rotations (CARS) for shoulder mobility. Additionally, the inclusion of resistance bands adds another dimension to the versatility of the bench, offering progressive resistance and targeted muscle engagement. Overall, the Technogym range has truly elevated the quality and effectiveness of our workout routines, both at home and in training sessions with clients.

As a Mobility & Corrective Exercise Specialist, in what ways does the Technogym bench/range specifically assist you in your job?

The Technogym bench serves as an invaluable tool in my practice. Its versatility allows me to tailor exercises specifically to address mobility restrictions and correct movement patterns for my clients.The bench’s design enables a wide range of movements, from traditional strength training exercises to more intricate mobility drills and corrective exercises. The Technogym bench offers countless options for customisation, ensuring that each client receives targeted and effective interventions tailored to their unique needs. Ultimately, the Technogym bench plays a pivotal role in facilitating progress, promoting proper movement mechanics, and enhancing overall functional mobility for my clients.

What do you do to keep centred... mind, body and soul?

To maintain balance across mind, body, and soul, I prioritise various practices. Engaging in leisurely walks with friends allows me to unwind and connect with nature, fostering a sense of calmness and clarity. Quality time spent with my family nourishes my soul, providing me with a deep sense of love and belonging. Additionally, I prioritise self-care by indulging in sessions in the infrared sauna or contrast therapy(Hold/cold) whenever possible, particularly enjoying moments of relaxation and rejuvenation at Hana in Grey Lynn. These activities not only rejuvenate my body but also help me cultivate inner peace and harmony, ensuring that I remain centred and grounded amidst life’s demands.

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If you could encourage Kiwis to do one thing for their wellness everyday, what would it be?

If I could encourage Kiwis to prioritise one thing for their daily wellness, it would undoubtedly be quality sleep. Often underrated, sleep serves as a crucial recovery tool, yet many are unaware of whether they're getting enough or experiencing good quality sleep. I advocate for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night. Additionally, dedicating 1-2 hours before bedtime to minimise exposure to light and screens can significantly enhance the quality of sleep, contributing to overall well-being and vitality. Prioritising restorative sleep not only rejuvenates the body but also supports mental clarity and emotional balance throughout the day.

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What are your fitness and wellness goals for 2024?

My fitness and wellness aspirations for 2024 are multifaceted. Primarily, I've set ambitious goals for achieving significant milestones in my strength training regimen, particularly focusing on reaching new personal bests in my major lifts at the gym. Additionally, I've made a firm commitment to prioritise self-care and personal fulfilment. This year marks a pivotal moment where I've resolved to prioritise my own needs and desires above all else. It's a year dedicated to embracing self-love and prioritising my own well-being, recognising the importance of putting myself first in order to thrive and achieve holistic fulfilment.