Amber Peebles' hottest urban accessory – the new Audi Q2

With her signature blunt fridge and impeccable sense of style, Amber Peebles' visibility across the New Zealand fashion scene is undeniable.

Biding her time between styling fashion shoots and shows, writing for her blog, and attending events with the who’s who of Auckland’s social scene, the Remix fashion editor is showing no signs of slowing down.

Wearing so many hats on a daily basis would seem a daunting challenge to most, but for Amber, it keeps life interesting. Her hybridised lifestyle is totally untaggable, much like the all new Audi Q2. Fitted out with the latest technology, the sporty and chic Audi Q2 packs a whole lot more into a compact, couple-style ride.

We managed to steal some time in Amber’s busy schedule to find out more about how she juggles so many projects, what makes her days easier, and her favourite things about the new Audi Q2.

What’s a typical day for you as a fashion editor?
For me the real beauty of the job is that there is no typical day, working on the photoshoots can have you tucked away in a studio or out hunting for locations. One thing that doesn’t change though are the piles of clothes; I’m always running somewhere with a mound of gear in tow.

What are some things you have or do to make your job easier/balance your hectic schedule?
Styling assistant! You wouldn’t believe how much gear goes into simply styling one model for one shoot. On any given day, we could easily have over 20 pairs of shoes, 30 or more hats, scarfs and jewellery… so much jewellery. Then of course there are the racks and racks of clothing. Having an awesome assistant that can take initiative is absolutely key, so I can focus on the creative of the shoot.

Having used the new Audi Q2 on a recent fashion project, what is it about the vehicle that helped you as a fashion editor?
Well it certainly helped me look the part. Does that count? Seriously though, I was really impressed at how much I could fit in it! The car sits at a great height too so I wasn’t having to bend or climb halfway in to grab what I needed.

When you first jumped into the Audi Q2, what was it that you noticed or loved about the car?
Actually, the feel of the steering wheel was the first thing. I’m not even sure I can attempt to describe it – soft but strong. It got me excited to turn the engine on and get on the road! The second thing was that after only 10 minutes of driving around town I felt at home in it. It was super easy to get in and out of the skinny carparks and zip around town in.

As someone with a creative eye, what is it that you love about the Audi Q2 aesthetically?
It’s incredibly pleasing on the eye, the interior is stunning, the dashboard is super cool, but I think my favourite part is the front. It has a sense of class and style.

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