Seven rain-or-shine bars in Central Auckland

Auckland’s weather is clearly just a very elaborate Truman Show-style scheme to drive us all to the brink of insanity. While it wouldn't surprise me if it was snowing in Avondale this week - there is probably also going to be record breaking highs in a few minutes. In an attempt to clear up the immense confusion, here’s a list of great all-weather bars to enjoy an ice-cold bevy or a mulled wine depending on the hour.


Hallelujah, there is a worthy hospitality venture that has filled the size 22 boots of cult followed Golden Dawn Tavern. I’m not a beer drinker, but there’s a ton of those spouts that magically make beer appear from the bench here. In fact, after a quick google there are actually 18 of them! So, if you’re into a good old crafty with the crew you won’t want to delay in visiting this peculiar garden bar. There are also heaters, can’t confirm numbers (probably 18). Ponsonby social scene regular Harry Gorringe also claims the bar serves up “especially delicious chips” with the only failure being the “noticeable lack of aioli.”

The Longroom

Some may loosely refer to this as a Ponsonby institution. There’s a fire, there’s a see-through roof, there’s a dancefloor filled with Kookai bodycon dresses, and there’s some of the best espresso martinis this fair-weather city of ours has to offer. There’s no getting off on the long foot here.

Pocket Bar

Popping up on the Auckland bar scene only a few short years ago this place has quickly become the go-to first date spot in AK. Rather than curling yourself into a blanket burrito while Jim Hickey yells sub-arctic temperatures at you on the 6pm news – you could be at Pocket sitting inside but feeling outside!? This glasshouse styled bar is the ultimate way to trick your circadian rhythm into thinking you’re a functioning member of society. It also has great bar snacks, like some of the best arancini balls the city has ever seen.

Holey Moley

Not sure if this is appropriate for the list but I just wanted to include it anyway. I mean, there isn’t really a bad time to play mini golf? Also this is a seriously hot piece of Auckland real estate, ideal for when summer decides to show its sly face.

Sweat Shop 

This has got to be the biggest outdoor area in Auckland hospo-history. Spanning what can only be described as the equivalent land mass of Stuart Island- you can sit on a picnic table and neck some brews in all weather conditions at Sweat Shop.

Glass Goose

A bar that needs little introduction unless you’ve been hiding under a giant goose egg. Auckland doesn’t have many rooftop bars, but this little two-storey situation actually does the trick. The ideal position for an after-dinner drink, Glass Goose is a great place to spend some goose change.

46 & York

There’s just something about 46 & York that always leaves me wanting more. Maybe it’s the quaint little brick building that reminds me of that house Cameron Diaz goes to in The Holiday and fills me with hopes of meeting Jude Law. Or maybe it’s the attentive staff and thoughtfully put together bar menu. Whatever the reason, I’ve been a 46 regular since I reached legal drinking age and have shown no signs of slowing down.


 Images via Instagram