All the gins the Remix team are loving right now

A recent celebration of World Gin Day gave us the perfect excuse to explore some of our favourite gin brands and discover a few new names along the way. Although the day has been and gone, it’s never a bad time to raise a glass and enjoy the perfect gin tipple, so we’ve curated a list of our favourite gin brands for you to try for yourself. Whether your preferred flavour is botanical, zesty or fruity, there’s bound to be one in here for you. 


Roku Gin

This iconic Suntory-owned gin boasts the beautiful and bold flavours of Japan, with Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel and Sencha tea at the forefront. Six Japanese botanicals are cultivated with love over four seasons, and each botanical is harvested at the peak of its season to extract the best flavour, thus creating Roku. Perfectly balanced, this gin is one to add to your collection. 

Dancing Sands Dry Gin 

Honeyed juniper, peppercorn, cardamom and springtime forest come together to create Dancing Sands Dry Gin. This beautifully balanced spirit combines both bitter and sweet, making the perfect accompaniment to your favourite tonic. With an extensive list of accolades to boast, this gin is sure to impress. 

Auld Gin

Distilled in the remote and pristine Scotts Gap, Auld Gin is born from the southernmost distillery in New Zealand. With only a small range of three gins to choose from, you can guarantee that each gin in the range is carefully curated. Each hand-crafted Auld Gin boasts a very distinct flavour, nodding to its botanical origin whether it’s the depths of the Southern Ocean, the heights of the Fiordland Mountains, or the vastness of the Southern Plains. The Auld Gin trio promises a gin-tasting experience like no other!


Victor Gin 

Handcrafted at the Thomson Distillery in West Auckland’s Riverhead, Victor Gin carries a heavy botanical flavour. Bold notes of juniper, citrus, lemongrass, cardamom and coriander come together effortlessly to deliver an incredibly smooth, delicious tipple that pairs perfectly with your favourite tonic. 

Lighthouse Gin

Martinborough’s original craft gin, Lighthouse Gin, is a dance of beautiful, complex notes of citrus and juniper with accompaniments of spice. A versatile flavour profile with a smooth finish makes for the perfect gin accompaniment to your preferred cocktail and ensures it’ll be a staple in the gin cabinet. Lighthouse Gin has also teamed up with local pub, The Brit, to bring a bespoke cocktail for us to enjoy. The Gin-ger Kiss is an adults-only, liquid take on the iconic Ginger Kiss biscuit that we all know and love. Signature flavours of zingy ginger biscuit, cream, nutmeg, and of course the Lighthouse Gin’s signature double-distilled drop are mixed to create the perfect cocktail for you to enjoy - available only from The Brit until June 30th.