A casual Italian restaurant just opened on Ponsonby Road 

Introducing the answer to all your pizza-related prayers… 

No one is arguing with the fact that Ponsonby Road is overflowing with great places to eat, and for the most part, the only question on our lips has been - where to start? But then ELMO’s came around, filling a clear niche in the dining echelon… the place we never knew we needed, and now couldn’t imagine living without. 

Brought to you by the mastermind’s behind Ponsonby’s beloved watering hole, Hoppers, big flavours are the name of the game here. There’s nothing hokey or moustache twirly about the look or feel of the space, which is soaked with sunlight during the day and segues seamlessly into evenings with its warming timber and brass fittings. It’s eclectic, but there’s nothing extraneous about the fit-out either, which translates to the menu. It’s all about Italy here, and every ingredient on the plate has a job to do. 


The menu is separated into three main categories; burratas, sharing plates and pizzas. Take note of the ‘Elmo’s Pizza’ section, they are outrageously tasty, and include offerings such as the Truffle Shuffle, a white base pizza topped with mozzarella, shitake and button mushrooms, black truffle cream, pancetta and chive. Or if you want to get back to basics, cast your eyes to the Flat Bread section where you’ll find ELMO’s take on a mousetrap, with their marmite and taleggio cheese flatbread. 

It’s cooking that is clean, confident, and full of flavour, regardless of the seeming simplicity. Ponsonby finally has a neighbourhood hangout, open six days a week, serving killer cocktails and a casual dinner menu. You’re welcome.