Zac Posen's rise and fall gets the fashion doco treatment

The media loves a comeback story. One where against all odds, the protagonist manages to make it big again. But amongst the media frenzy, we often don't see the true emotions behind life in this flux. House of Z, brings the fluctuating career of Zac Posen to the big screen, and shows us the person behind the media's fascination with his famous fall from grace.

Zac Posen shot to fashion fame at 21, with a head full of designs and a future as bright as runway lights. Posen very quickly became a name dropped by celebs, and worn on every red carpet. Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes became lovers of his garments, and friends of the man himself. But as quickly as his brand was built, it fell to ruin. Posen himself recognises in the new documentary, that "fashion has a dark side". This dark side saw his styles fall out fashion and his business into suffering. He was labelled by critics as over-the-top, arrogant and perhaps undeserving of his speedy ascent to the fashion forefront.

House of Z, brings a different light to Zac Posen's story, as we follow his rise, fall and resurgence. Director, Sandy Chronopoulos, presents a well-crafted mix of archival footage and interviews with those in Posen's team, famous faces, critics, and Posen himself.

The documentary reveals intimate elements of Posen's psyche and emotional return to success. 'House of Z' is an interesting watch for any fashion follower; serving to remind us all that there is more to fashion than "runways and lipstick and fishtail gowns". Family, creative output and inspiration led Zac Posen to his initial success, and as the doco shows, can taken him back to the heralded position he once had.

Catch 'House of Z' at the last days of the New Zealand International Film Festival, or on from October 6th.

Imagery from NZIFF.