How 4 of our fave TikTok creators style their 501’s

It’s no secret the 501 is one of fashion’s most iconic fits, and with the expansion of the 501 family in 2022, we recruited 4 of our fave TikTok creators to style the new fits in their way. 


Ella Howe

Ella wears 501 Original Fit Jeans - “90s jeans are making a comeback, and I’m still going to rock them with these hips. I’m thrilled to see that fashion has changed so drastically over the years. It’s not about dressing for your body type anymore, it’s about dressing with what you feel confident and sexy in.”

See Ella in her 501s on TikTok @notellahowe and Instagram @_ellahowe

Ella Sloane

Ella wears the 90s 501 Jeans - “I love the style of 90s films and photos, and the 501 90s jeans perfectly draw from this era. The amazing fit creates an accessible and versatile vibe, great for dressing them up or down.”

See Ella in her 501 90s on TikTok @ellasloane and Instagram @ellasloane

Harry Waugh

Harry wears the 501 Original Jeans - “I can dress them up or down for anything, I can thrash them on a shift on the bar or on a night out paired with a good blazer and docs. They always bounce back.”

See Harry in his 501s on TikTok @verboten.intern and Instagram @harrisonwaugh

Caitlin Wiig

Caitlin wears the 501 90s Jeans - “I have been LIVING in my 501 90s, they’re the perfect staple pair of jeans for a A/W wardrobe. Honestly, these are the comfiest, easiest pair of jeans to style, and if they’re good enough for Hailey Bieber, then they’re good enough for me.”

See Caitlin in her 501 90s on TikTok @caitlinwiig and Instagram @caitlinwiig