Your week in fashion: Things you missed because of the Met Gala

Our newsfeeds and timelines were absolutely flooded this week with Met Gala madness. With one of the year's biggest fashion events well and truly over, we now move onto the acceptance stage of grief. Goodbye Met Gala 2016.

To get you through this hard time, here’s the weekly recap of all things unrelated to the Met Gala. We figured you’ve probably missed these, seeing as you were probably too busy, you know, scrolling through hundreds of pictures of celebrities in futuristic ball gowns.


#ChanelCruiseCuba #CocoCuba

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Karl Lagerfeld brought Chanel to Cuba for the 2017 Resort show this week, along an array of celebrity friends and collaborators. The show featured a fedora hat comeback and ended in a Cuban Conga line – of course.

Kate Middleton officially accepted a magazine cover shoot for the first time, by none other than British Vogue. The issue celebrates the centenary issue with 10 pages of the duchess shot in the Norfolk countryside.

Model sweetheart Barbara Palvin ‘tasted the feeling’ this week when revealing her smoking Coca Cola campaign.


Sweet Love?

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The baby Hadid sister proved to be not so baby anymore with the announcement of her first Vogue cover for Vogue Turkey.


honored to be here #WHCD #RockTheVote

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The White House Correspondents Dinner took fashion straight to the Obama House with celeb guests including Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski. While both girls looked stunning, they were officially out-staged on social media by the president himself ending on ‘Obama out’.


@glamouruk June Cover @ukglamour @joelvinglamour @alexeihay @jenatkinhair @patidubroff @tombachik

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Kylie Jenner revealed her debut cover for Glamour magazine's issue on social media, something Kylie definitely knows a little bit about.

Margot Robbie was named the face of Calvin Klein’s 'Deep Euphoria' fragrance. We're guessing this means the fragrance makes you smell like a mega-babe actress with a cute Australian accent.