WTF?! This woman went to Cannes dressed as a bush

The stars certainly brought their sartorial A-game to the Cannes Film Festival this year. Bella Hadid sparkled in a sheer Ralph & Russo number, while Emily Ratajkowski ambled down the red carpet decadent black lace and frills. But its seems one mystery woman has truly gone above and beyond to capture the attention of paparazzi and guests - by dressing as a bush.

In a shrubbery ensemble constructed from green feathers, a beaded headpiece and little else, the woman proceeded to bum-shuffle her way down the red carpet, barely distinguishable from the real hedges around her. She made her debut appearance at a cocktail party for Artists for Peace and Justice.

Little is known about the woman or the motivation behind her exotic dress-up, but she's certainly set the internet into a spin. Dozens have taken to social media to express concern for her well-being, asking: "is she okay?", "why is she doing that?" and "should we all be dressing as bushes?" Other theories  circulating suppose that the woman was a hired exhibitionist, or a homage to white house press secretary Sean Spicer who recently hid in bushes behind the White House to escape reporters.

Hot or not? We'll leave it to you to decide.