The Prada SS22 womenswear collection: seduction, stripped down

From trailing satin skirt tails to 80’s style oversized leather jackets, the Prada spring/summer womenswear fashion show left no head unturned. Unveiled simultaneously in Milan and Shanghai, Remix had a look at Prada’s jaw dropping SS22 collection and the artistry behind the fashion brand’s unique shows - because the Devil Wears Prada and so do we!

The collection was co-designed by dreamy duo Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, who paired up last year to bring us a fresh reimagining of the iconic brand. The Prada SS22 fashion show was the first real-life glimpse into the pair’s creative collaboration and it didn't disappoint. 

‘Seduction, stripped down’ brags clean lines, classic styles and elegant simplicity - with a little bit of provocative flair. By stripping down to the bare essentials, the architecture of the pieces highlights the exposition of the body, and as a result, inspires seduction. ‘A seduction through reduction’, the collection emphasises the connection between bareness and sensuality and performs these ideas on two extremely influential stages. 

The fashion show was simultaneously staged in Milan’s Fondazione Prada and Shanghai’s Bund One on 24 September. Large LED screens were placed around the runways and, via live feeds, we could watch different models from different countries modelling the same looks. ‘It’s no longer about a small world—in fashion, or elsewhere,’ said Simons. ‘Doing these shows simultaneously demonstrates a new possibility… Community is a vital idea: drawing together people who share ideologies, values, and beliefs.’ The duality of the shows mimics Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ partnership through Prada, as well as the exchange between body and clothes, black and colour and elegance and provocation - as seen in the SS22 collection. 

The collection stayed true to its theme, showcasing bare backs, loose-laced jackets and corset boned sweaters. With flashes of lingerie and acid-coloured mini-skirts, a hint of nakedness was embraced and thus, was used to accentuate the sensuality of the collection in a modern-yet-elegant twist. While still showcasing the Prada that we know and love (think sleek lines, bold flares and a whole lot of black), the SS22 show was the breath of fresh air that everyone has been gasping for.

While the whole collection was breathtaking, there were a few stand-out pieces that caught our eyes. Long trains made of silk graced the stage and seemed to float down the runway as a sort of dramatic afterthought to the stunning models that walked before them. These long silk sheaths brought a fresh look to the mini-skirt trend and trailed in our thoughts as they did on the runway. While also showcasing the iconic Cleo handbag and low-heeled slingbacks in various eye-catching colours, the show was truly mesmerising and we couldn’t keep our eyes off of the unfolding fashion phenomenon. 

The SS22 collection felt especially tuned in to the times that we are living in. Collectively, the world is embracing and redefining sexyness. Body positivity is a movement in itself and it’s inspiration for Prada’s latest collection is empowering and extremely relevant in today’s society. Bold, bare and free - the new Prada SS22 collection is exactly what the world needed post-lockdown.