Throwing it back to the ‘90s with Superdry

If there’s ever been a time in fashion history that embodied the ‘circle of life’ more, it's the whirlwind of ‘90s-inspired fashion that is currently sending style shockwaves across the globe. Low rise jeans, knee-high boots, band tees, baggy pants and USA sports merch are back in business and are continuing to flood the street style market to a point of no return. 

If anyone does vintage-inspired fits justice it's our favourite UK brand, Superdry, and their latest campaign of varsity styles is the perfect homage to times gone by. Known for their unique approach to the fashion scene, Superdry constantly prides themselves on using quality materials with unique detailing to create a world of distinctive pieces.

Inspired by some of our favourite and most iconic film flicks, including Clueless and Saved By The Bell, the Collegiate collection is filled with iconic vintage silhouettes that Cher would surely approve of. By combining vintage graphics with washed fabrics and quality finishes, the Superdry Collegiate range offers a range of tees, sweats and hoodies for both genders that will help you relive your ‘90s romcom fantasies.

Alongside the classic ‘90s, aesthetic are university styled tees and hoodies, featuring bold New York, LA and Tokyo prints, perfectly nailing that college style that’s risen to fame over the last few years. Each piece in this collection is designed to be worn every day in an effortless way, easily paired with your favourite wardrobe staples to bring an element of timeless tranquillity.