Under the Sea with Swarovski

There has always been something mysterious and luxurious about mermaids. Silent and sultry, underwater sirens have captivated us since childhood, no matter what decade that may have been. And now that we have grown up, the allure of an underwater garden, a shimmering tail, and strings of pearls is no less thrilling. Under the creative direction of Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski has crafted their Spring Summer 24 Collection inspired by the magic of the ocean and the mesmerising inhabitants that call it home.

Taking her cues from the myriad forms that inhabit the Atlantis of our fantasies, Engelbert has expertly designed a collection that captures the light like sun shimmering on the surface of the sea. Domed shapes suggest sea urchins, starfish curl in tendrils around fingers and ears, and stones arranged in a gradient emulate the ombre of rippling water.

As a child, you and your friends may have taken turns being Ariel or Andrina from The Little Mermaid, or Cleo or Rikki from H2OWithin this collection, signature Swarovski families continue to develop and evolve, creating distinguishable personalities. Piece together your own siren from the families within this collection, including Sublima, Millenia, Hyperbola and Idyllia. 


Hyperbola captures the undulating and enduring movement of the ocean. Dripping in white-hued crystals arranged into spiral motifs, she is hypnotically luxe. Hyperbola goes with the flow, but shines while she does it.


Idyllia is the outspoken one. With bold statement pieces crafted in rows of crystal pearls, embellished with scallop shells in ombre Swarovski Zirconia, she isn't afraid to stand out through her blend of art and experimentation. Starfish and Seahorses are her confidantes.


Millenia is the vision of extravagance, shimmering in a river of pink crystals. She shows off her bold side in lavish, gem-studded sunglasses and pretty but poisonous spiked ear-cuffs.

Sublima is elegant and mysterious, draped in domed bracelets and earrings like sparkling sea snakes. She ebbs and flows like the tide, one minute there, gone the next.