The many faces of Karen Walker

It goes without saying that women are great multi-taskers. From morphing to wife, to mother, employee, sister, friend and everything else in between, the modern woman adopts a number of different personas throughout the day. Such women were the inspiration behind Karen Walker's latest eyewear collection: Transformers. 

And, who better to model the exaggerated silhouettes than the queen of eclectic Kiwi fashion herself? Known for her creativity when it came to selecting models to be the face of her campaigns - we're not going to lie, the gorgeous pup was a fan favourite - the designer has put herself front and centre of the new collection by modelling the collection herself. Styled to perfection and shot at the iconic Smashbox Studios in Hollywood, Karen channels a haughty Princess, Country & Western star, an '80's disco diva and a flaming red Thierry Mugler android. 

Boasting nine bold new frames, including over-sized squares, imposing shields and overblown '50's cat-eyes, the new collection draws its colour palette from shades of dusty pink, khaki and split contrast acetate, with eye-catching lens and metal detailing, punctuated by rainbow mirrors and amber hues. 


Transformers are available globally from Karen Walker Eyewear retailers now.