Moustaches Of The Moment: Our Top Five Hairy Looks and Tips To Achieve Them

It might not be Movember, when all facial hair care goes straight out the window, but we’re taking a look at the wackiest moustaches of the moment, because we’ve noticed a few newbies (and doozies) out there on dudes’ upper lips. To celebrate the release of the new Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, which shaves, grooms, edges and hydrates throughout each shave, we’re also going to throw in a few tips, in case you want to try these looks out for yourself. When it comes to the tools for the job, you won’t need to look any further than the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, which has a razor on one end and adjustable power trimmer on the other, eliminating the need for multiple attachments. We’re giving one of these away for the next four weeks! So have a read of the Remix moustaches of the moment and enter your details here to be in to win. Alternatively check out the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer page on Facebook here for more information. Handlebar Mustache 1. THE TWIST Also known as the handlebar, what more can be said about it really? It’s extreme and it’s certainly not one for a first-time mo grower. You need to be confident to rock this look and to tell the truth, it can look pretty cool on the right guy. Here’s how: Shave around the area as per normal, keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven. The effect will be lost if you have other stubble. Then with your mo, brush it outwards in each direction, apply a fingertip of wax to each side, twist and shape. Don’t trim your moustache, no matter how tempting it is! Full Face Short Beard 2. THE CORPORATE BEARD Beards are acceptable in the workplace nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you should stroll into the office looking like Santa after a night out! Some facial hair adds a touch of casual, but make sure you keep it professional by shaving the length and keeping the edges clean. 5mm in length of beard is a pretty good benchmark to go by! Here’s how: The key here is controlling the length and keeping the edges clean. Shave regularly around the edge of the beard to create a defined boundary and shape. Then use a trim blade, like the adjustable trim comb on the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, to achieve your desired length. Perfect clean shave 3. THE BABY FACE An oldie but a goodie, making a return in guys who have traditionally rolled with a bit of stubble. The baby face, also known as the clean shave, is interestingly one of the hardest looks to maintain. Especially around 5 o’clock, when some of the hairs creep back in a shadow, the baby face can look a little messy. The close shave is the trick on this baby! Here’s how: To get that baby face look you need to roll with a close shave, slowly shaving the skin free of any hair. The Schick Hydro 5 Groomer comes armed with 5 Easyglide blades that reduce redness or irritation, but if you have sensitive skin, try applying some cold water afterwards. The designer stubble 4. THE DESIGNER STUBBLE This is definitely one of the most popular looks of the moment. More and more guys are rocking some intentional stubble, a 5 o’clock shadow to add a touch of rough. Fair enough too, it does look pretty rad. With the designer stubble you’re walking a fine line between the baby face and the corporate beard, having enough hair for a bit of edge, but not quite enough to consider it a beard. Here’s how: You’ve got two options here. Either go for the baby face and then just let it grow, re-shaving when you want to go back to the beginning, or use the Power Trimmer on the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer at a much closer proximity to get the shortest beard possible, which acts as designer stubble. goatee 5. THE GOATEE Last but not least, the goatee. This one’s been around for a while, probably hanging off your dad’s chin, made it’s making a comeback in the form of smaller and neater goatees. Having a goatee isn’t an excuse to be lazy. To get the look you need to work at it by crafting the shape and keeping the areas around it cleanly shaven. Here’s how: The shape is really up to you, although petite goatees seem to be the popular choice at the moment. Clean all the other hair and stubble off your face with a close shave, then shape your goatee and moustache (if you want to rock one as well) with some defined edges. Make sure you control the length too, it doesn’t look so great when these get too long! And there you have it! Our top five Remix mos and the moment (and a few weird beards in there too). Any of these can look cool on any kind of guy, the key is doing it properly and committing to the look. Nothing will help you craft your facial artwork and rock it with confidence like the new Schick Hydro 5 Groomer, available in stores nationwide now. For more information visit the Facebook page here. We’re giving one of these awesome Schick Hydro 5 Groomers away each week for the next four weeks! Simply enter your name and details here to be in to win. If you don’t win in one week, then try again the next!