Dialect Mini Collection At Taylor Boutique Britomart

Words by Steven Fernandez. Taylor Boutique has always been about nurturing individual creativity and experimentation with wearable garments for women. Now nearly fifteen years after designer Vicki Taylor launched the leading New Zealand boutique brand, that ethos still rings true. The presentation of the Dialect mini collection, by upcoming designer Julia Campbell, at the Taylor Britomart boutique between Thursday 16th and Monday 20th May shows the brand's ongoing support of young talent. Remix spoke to designer Julia Campbell about this incredible opportunity and the inspiration behind her debut Dialect collection, A/W 2013 'say one thing mean another'. Tell us how you came up with the name Dialect and how it represents what your label is about? I came up with the name Dialect when I was traveling through India and Europe last year. I was fascinated by the dialects that form out of a single language, how they develop and what they represent. It just fitted with what I wanted to do and my vision that clothing can become a dialect. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Give us a rundown of your path to where you are today with Dialect. Did you study or learn your craft through experience?         I always wanted to do something creative. I was very interested in painting and photography at school. I inevitably went to art school and after my first year decided to major in fashion. I can't really remember why, but it just felt like the right thing. From that point onward, making clothes became an addiction. After graduating I did lots of different things - I worked as a wardrobe assistant on a film and did various jobs for New Zealand fashion labels. I always new I wanted to have my own label but I didn't know how or when. I believe all good things happen organically. What was the inspiration behind your debut collection, Autumn/Winter 2013? What did you set out to achieve? The collection ‘say one thing mean another’ explores what it means to be an outsider. I aim to express the strong sense of individualism that develops when you live in an isolated place. I also wanted to explore my love of sportswear. What other designers and labels out there do you really admire and take inspiration from? Locally and internationally? Why? I really love Rick Owens because he’s always doing crazy things, experimenting with simple ideas that change the way I think about clothes. His pieces are also very wearable. I also really love what Vicki Taylor does, she knows how to make people look and feel great. Her clothes are always clever and she is passionate about manufacturing in New Zealand. How did you become associated with Taylor and the opportunity to have your capsule collection sold in their Britomart store? I currently work at Taylor boutique. They are fantastic people to work for and have been extremely supportive of me. Vicki saw what I was doing and offered me the opportunity to put my mini collection in store from Thursday 16th to Monday 20th May, which is really exciting. She is really supportive of young talent and designers and encourages me to work on my own collection, which is amazing. How have people responded to Dialect so far? Really well, I feel like people have been very encouraging. Do you have a Spring/Summer 2014 collection in the works? I do. I'm also working on Dialect ‘reconstruct, which involves pulling apart vintage clothes and giving them a second life. It’s so much fun! I can spot something with potential and then completely transform it. Get down to the Taylor Boutique Britomart store between Thursday 16th and Monday 20th May to check out the Dialect mini collection alongside the full Taylor range. You can also head over to www.taylorboutique.co.nz for all things Taylor or visitwww.facebook.com/dialectclothing for more information on Dialect.  
Dialect images by Jamie Pettigrew Photography.