The Best of the Best in Gucci Campaign's

Gucci’s newest campaign, ‘Exquisite’ glimpses into the mind of the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, and his love for all things film, or more specifically, his love for Cinema maestro, Stanley Kubrick.

Defined as a love letter to the philosophic filmmaker, Alessandro harnesses Kubrick’s incendiary approach to his craft by disassembling, grafting, and reassembling, allowing the past to explode into the present, and along the way obtaining the meaning behind the famous quote “everything can become anything, or something else,” said in Kubrick’s masterpiece ‘2001: A Spade Odyssey.’ 

This involvement generates a change of state that is very significant for my job: clothes get closer to bare life again. They turn into highly imaginative functional prosthesis, and they do so to tell a story. A story that shatters, enchants, tortures, ignites. Because it’s the story of the human that dwells in each and every one of us. As Stanley Kubrick knew too well.” - Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci

With “Exquisite,” Alessandro carries on his attempt to mingle high and low, and this time coherently and synergistically with the grammar of the great director. Everything comes to be iconic, symbolically sophisticated, though able to reflect a culture that we can definitely identify as pop. Kubrick being a diviner of vision and his work being as recognizable as the Sistine Chapel, or The Simpsons allows for a groundbreaking campaign. 

Watch the ‘Exquisite’ Gucci Campaign here