The Academy Brand tackles the Alaskan wilderness: Watch the video

[video src="" size="auto"] Imagine having a job that takes you to places as 'cool' as Alaska. Well you don’t need to imagine if you work for The Academy Brand. These guys recently set up camp in Alaska for the month to showcase their latest threads in the raw beauty of the chilly American state’s breathtaking wilderness. Venturing far beyond the beaches of their Sydney base, The Academy Brand partnered up with cinematographer Daniel Coolahan on his latest project, shooting an extreme skiing feature film in Alaska. Set around a remote fly-in glacier camp near the Arctic Circle, the feature film is about a team of city folk on a quest to climb and ride the mythical Sugar Mountain. Formed in 2007, by company founder and creative director Anthony Pitt, The Academy Brand delivers a constantly evolving collection of timeless clothing that won’t disappear when the latest trend dies out. The clothes are as functional as they are fashionable… functional enough to survive the extreme Alaskan conditions apparently! The feature film is out later this year. Visit The Academy Brand online here to check out all their epic gear. Words by Isabella Bernal.