Swarovski Couture Looks At The 2024 Met Gala

For almost 130 years, Swarovski has brought fantasy, glamour and modernity to the world of haute couture, and their flawless crystals have adorned the necks of some of the world’s biggest stars at the inaugural Met Gala, contributing to some of the most memorable looks seen on the Metropolitan steps. 

For the first time in the brand’s history, Swarovski shone on the red carpet in an entirely new way, with five one-of-a-kind couture looks brought to life by Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert. In response to the ‘Garden of Time’ dress code, Englebert envisioned five unique ensembles inspired by the enchanted garden described in JG Ballard’s short story.

Accompanying Giovanna Engelbert were friends of the Austrian house; Karlie Kloss, Irina Shayk, Imaan Hamman, and Anok Yai. Each costume reflected one of Swarovski’s signature brand colours - pink, green, blue, yellow and white - embellished with hundreds of thousands of precision-cut crystals, embroidery and jewels.  “My vision was for our muses to embody elements of nature found in the enchanted crystalline garden and for their gowns to merge with our jewellery - they metamorphose, becoming one. I wanted to bring the same level of artistry and creativity to the looks that we bring to our jewellery and to capture nature's beauty and joyful spirit as well as the elegance and extravagance of Swarovski at this important moment for fashion and pop culture.”

Karlie Kloss embodied the crystal Flower that holds the Garden of Time in its spell. Her embroidered floor-length pink gown was encrusted with jewels from Swarovski’s Florere and Millenia families. The ornate silk gown was encrusted with 60,500 crystals and 75 Florere jewels, taking a team of five artisans 1,600 hours to create.

Irina Shayk represented Air in a form-fitting crystal mesh couture gown that created the illusion of light sliding off her body, adding an ethereal element to the look. The supermodel wore a bespoke Millenia choker and ear cuffs, and layers of Hyperbola and Millenia bracelets, all in luminous clear crystal. 

Anok Yai became Water in a futuristic catsuit embellished with 98,000 glittering ice blue, sapphire, and aquamarine Swarovski crystals, creating the illusion of her to be ‘dripping in crystals’. The model’s showstopper necklace from Swarovski’s Galaxy fine jewellery collection which was crafted with 1,050 lab-grown Swarovski Created Diamonds in seven different cuts.

Imaan Hammam represented Sun in a golden two-piece look consisting of a crystallised cape inspired by Swarovski’s Gema collection, and a satin column skirt embellished with a mix of 100,000 gold crystals. Imaan’s look was further embellished with a suite of Gema jewellery in golden hues.

Giovanna Engelbert personified Mother Nature herself, in a beaded emerald green silk satin gown inspired by a landscape by Viennese artist Gustav Klimt. The bustier was encrusted with rows of green dégradé Millenia crystals, while the dress was embroidered with green Gema jewels, taking a team of artisans over 900 hours to embroider the gown with 20,000 crystals and 35,000 bicone beads in shades of green.