Paradise Found with Alessandra Ambrosio: Remix's Summer Issue cover star

It takes more than sheer beauty to sustain a modelling career that spans two decades. Drive, resilience and passion all come to mind. Out to follow in the footsteps of her inspirations, Brazilian supermodel Alessandra had more skin in the game than most. Being dubbed ’The Sexiest Model Alive’ is an award you’d expect granted early on in a career, but just a few months ago, 42 year old Alessandra took out the title without even being aware — she was too busy on one of the many campaigns she was working on. Booked and busy is the best way to describe the mother of two. Remix pinned the Victoria’s Secret Angel (of 17 years) down in Los Angeles to showcase what 20 years of style and power looks like in 2023 in an exclusive cover shoot that screams supermodel status.

Thank you, for being our beautiful Paradise Found cover! How did you enjoy the Remix shoot?
Thank you for having me. The shoot was really fun! It has been a long time since we shot together (Nino Munoz). It was also fun to reconnect and work with Sarah Gore, who I’ve worked with long, long time ago. So it was just nice to be with industry people that I have known for such a long time.

Everything looked stunning. Did you have a favourite look?
Well, it’s hard to pick because there were so many good looks. A lot of classics, blazers, and
a staple leather jacket that I love because I think leather jackets are something we must all have in our wardrobe. It’s always one of my number one things to wear. I always travel with a leather jacket! There were also cool parachute Gucci pants that I loved. They were light, really cool, and very comfortable.

You seem to be shooting a lot right now. Are you busier than ever?
I’m pretty busy. I live in LA with my kids, well, not really kids anymore. I have a teenager and an 11-year- old boy so I love just being at home and being a mom. I was gone for almost a month traveling and working. But then the last few weeks, I’ve been here in Los Angeles, just taking care of my kids and doing some work from home. I love it when I can do photoshoots in Los Angeles. It’s so easy for me because I feel like a regular person, I have a job, I shoot and I come back and make dinner for the kids. It is all about the balance for me. 

It’s easy to tell you love your kids. Now with your daughter growing up and getting into fashion, I’m curious to know if she wears any of your archive pieces from your career?

Yes, she has worn a few looks and sometimes if we’re going to a red carpet together or an event she will wear an archive vintage piece that I own. She also has her style [laughs] those baggy pants and tiny little crop tops that I used to wear, you know, when I was a teenager! But yeah, she’s always welcome into my closet.

Fashion is so cyclical right? The Gen Z’s are now obsessed with the early noughties fashion we wore!
I know, it’s great. Sometimes I’ll go into her closet, and I’ll borrow some of the pants that she wears as well as some of her accessories, and I’ll put them on to go to a concert. So it’s fun that we can mix our styles and borrow from each other.

Two wardrobes to choose from! On the topic
of the past, what did you think of the recent ’Supermodels’ documentary?
Yes, my best friend and I watched it together. He’s in social media and has worked for a fashion magazine before, so we both appreciate fashion. We just loved every part of it. It was so nice to see a documentary like that, that shows the details of their lives and their perseverance. They were not just these beautiful girls, but they worked hard; they fought hard to get their place and to be where they are. They were a massive inspiration for me. One of the reasons why I wanted to become a model was seeing pictures of them. And I thought, I love what these girls are doing... Who are they? I was around 12 when I first saw them walking in all those amazing shows. And that’s when I decided, okay, let me see if I can become a model. It’s beautiful to see what they did with their careers and their families. So in short for me the whole documentary was very inspiring.

Do you feel that they changed the perception of the modelling world?

I think they did. They made it into a real business, before them it was all about the glamour. But with them the industry became real, it became a real business. 

You and your peers from the Victoria’s  Secret squad are essentially the next gen of supermodels following the likes of Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford etc. What did you love most about those VS days?
When I started, Victoria’s Secret was the biggest thing out there. VS and the Guess campaigns were the biggest modelling moments of that time. I got cast for both of the jobs. With Victoria’s Secret, I spent years working with the brand, 17 years, almost two decades to be exact.  It was kind of like a ’School of Modelling’ for me, I was with them everyday shooting, and I got to see the world with them. We became like a big family. That’s how I built my career.

Seventeen years of your career! That’s a long time! What did those years teach you most about yourself?
I think it taught me how to be resilient and about staying true to myself, believing in who I am, and doing things the way I believe is right.

Just a few months ago, you were dubbed the Sexiest Model Alive by Glamour Magazine, as a 42 year old, how did that feel?
That’s very flattering! To me, I’m just my kids’ mum ‒ Alessandra, from a small town in Brazil with big dreams, working hard to accomplish them.

You’re still very connected to your roots in Brazil. How do you keep that culture alive for you and your family?
Well, I have a lot of Brazilian friends [laughs], and we eat a lot of Brazilian food here in L.A. I always have family visiting me, if it’s my parents, or it’s my sister or my cousins and I go to Brazil a few times a year. During both of my pregnancies, I had a break in my modelling career, so both times I started showing, I went to Brazil and spent a few months there. Also, during quarantine, the minute I could go back to Brazil, I went. My kids were homeschooling. So it was easy to do  classes from Brazil and to spend some time with family. I listen to Brazilian music. I speak Portuguese to my kids. It’s all about Brazil in my house here in L.A!

I love that. How would an average day in the life of Alessandra play out now, if you were just in LA at home?
I love working out in the morning. I have a home gym or I’ll go to a yoga class or Pilates or a barre class. I have dogs so I’ll take them for a hike. When the kids are at school, I do everything that I have to do with social media and meetings during the day, and then I’ll come home and spend time with the kids once they’re done with school. I love to support them with whatever activities they do; if it’s my son playing football, or my daughter playing volleyball or dancing. I love to participate in their lives!

Am I right in saying that you’re into astrology...

I have always liked astrology [laughs]. I love yoga and there’s a lot of connection in that with yoga. This weekend, we had the full moon and of course, we felt more agitated. I love to understand the way we feel. I’m an Aries, so I’m always on the go, not holding back anything and love trying something new. I’m very adventurous and creative. And I think that helped with my career as a model also, I just go for it. I also have this Capricorn in me that makes me a hard worker, and I have cancer in my moon so that makes me love home. I love my family. I love being with the ones close to me.


Ok, so being an Aries and always on the go that might explain why you’re still covering magazines. You and your peers, really shattered the concept of modelling careers being short- lived, because like you said, twenty years later, you’re still in the prime of your life. How does that feel?

It’s very surreal to me because when I started, I was 15 years old; I left my hometown and went to live in San Paulo, which is the main town in Brazil for modeling. I was thinking, ‘Okay when I’m 18, I’m gonna go back and I’ll go to university’. I thought I would study something and have a different career. I thought my modeling career would last maybe three to five years [laughs]. And oh my god, it’s been over two decades and I love it even more now. Today’s photo shoot was amazing. The pictures are gorgeous. I’m very lucky that I’m still doing something that I really enjoy. I get to go to Australia this week, it’s been forever since I’ve been there. I know you’re from New Zealand but you’re neighbours and I love that side of the world. Even if it’s a short trip, that’s another perk of my career. I get to go to amazing places. Hopefully, I get to go to New Zealand with my kids one day. I have never been there. It’s one of my dreams to go there.

Did you find motherhood empowered you even more so as a model? Did it give you more confidence overall?
I think when you become a mom you have to become responsible and you have to really believe in yourself. Having these little kids that copy everything you do, they’re going to do everything based on you. It builds new confidence.

What has been your favourite modelling memory of all time? After twenty years, I’m sure you’ve got plenty.
There are so many amazing things about my career from doing the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and wearing the beautiful Fantasy Bra that is worth so much money [$1 million]. When I shot for the Guess campaign in Hawaii, it was the first time I went to Hawaii and I was with my best friend, it was pretty amazing. I love when I get to shoot with my kids and I get to spend a day with them, they get to see a little bit of what I do. There are a lot of special moments in my career that I cherish! Too many to name.

What is next for you?

Just focusing on work. I love working with charities and doing philanthropy. I think right now, spending time with my kids is the most important, because they’re growing and becoming teenagers and they want to spend their time with their friends. So I’m also taking care of myself, treating myself, learning about things, listening to podcasts and just growing as a person.

That’s what life’s all about, isn’t it? Self-growth. This is our Paradise Found edition of Remix. Can you describe what your idea of paradise is?
My idea of paradise is being in Florianopolis, it’s an island in the south of Brazil. I like being surrounded by my family and friends, having a fun barbecue and eating delicious food. That’s paradise for me.


Get to know Ale...

Nickname: Most people call me Ale.

Go-to cocktail order: Oh my god. I love dirty martinis.

Song to put you in a good mood: My daughter and I always listen to Electric Feel, we love that song. We also love Tame Impala!

Favourite homemade snack: Well, there are two, one is Brazilian, it is "pão de queijo". It’s like a little cheese bread ball that you can bake in the morning and have it in the afternoon. They’re super yummy. Or if I don’t want to go crazy on the carbs I’ll make some guacamole and chips. I love avocados.

High heels or sneakers? That’s hard for me because I love putting on high heels at nighttime to dress up but during the day I like to be in sneakers for sure.

Holiday bucket list? New Zealand!





STYLING Sarah Gore Reeves


HAIR Ericka Verrett

MAKEUP Leah Darcy

NAILS Tina Le 

DIGITAL TECH Brett Panelli 

PHOTO ASSISTANTS Kury Magnum, Gui Cha 

PRODUCTION Steven Fernandez & Simon Turner of New Ground