Step inside Gucci's newest store in Soho, New York

Gucci has made history again by officially opening the doors to it’s first ever store in New York City’s Soho neighbourhood. The Italian luxury fashion house was founded in 1971 in Florence and since then they have expanded world-wide across 550 locations.

This latest store to open sits on Wooster Street in Soho, a prime shopping, entertainment and dining district known for it’s designer-boutiques, high-end art galleries and the fashionable creatives who reside in the area. 

Gucci’s new space fills a space of 10,000 square feet that has been designed to show a bohemian blend of Italian artistry sort of vibe while also staying close to the industrial roots of the neighbourhood and the building. 

No detail is short of fine, from the garments that sit on the shelves to the hand-painted floor designs. The space is also fitted out with a mini theatre with 3-D video display to will allow shoppers to into the glorious realm that is Gucci. 

As well as stocking jewellery and women's and men’s clothing, the new store will also showcase the new Gucci X Dapper Dan collection. Customers will be able to preview the new collection that see’s Gucci archive pieces remixed by the Harlem designer by adding his own flare to the classics. 

Image credit Hypebae & Highsnobeity