Gucci now has its own décor collection

It's true. Gucci has announced that they are launching their own home décor collection- because it just wouldn't be complete if our living rooms weren't dressed in the Italian fashion house. Alessandro Michele, designer and business executive of Gucci said they are "pleased to announce the launch of Gucci Décor, an eclectic collection of items with which customers can dress their own spaces."

This greatly anticipated collection will be available for online purchase and at selected Gucci stores from September, giving us plenty of time to prep our living rooms for its Gucci revamp. The fashion house will be offering candles, cushions, incense trays, chairs, screens, folding tables, metal trays and wallpaper. Starting from the bottom end of the price range will be the candles and incense trays at approximately $190. At the other end of the spectrum, are the silk screens, which are around $30,000- but don't worry, this is the highest the price will go for the collection. 

The most iconic piece of the collection is the cat face cushion. The designs are beautifully embroidered and hand applied and take a total of 10 hours to complete, making Michele's creations real masterpieces. But this isn't the first time we've seen this cat faced cushion. As you may remember, Michele used this iconic cushion in various Gucci shows for his guests to sit against. 

For now, we can only dream of a Gucci living room, however, it's not long until this dream can become a reality in which we are waiting with open arms!       

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