Remix styles the Crocs Classic Clog six ways.

Distinguished by their chunky sole and bulbous silhouette, the humble Croc has made a significant impact in the world of fashion. This once polarising shoe stepped onto the Oscars red carpet in 2021, established an ongoing collaboration with Balenciaga, and found its place on the soles of some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Crocs x Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2017. Image via Pinterest


Waterproof, breathable, and budget-friendly there’s no shortage of benefits. We’ll be the first to admit that once you own a pair, you’ll find yourself reaching for them 9 times out of 10, but that’s sort of the point. The undeniable charm of these clogs lies in their versatility. To put this to the ultimate test Remix styled six dream outfits around a Justin Bieber staple, the Crocs Classic Clog in Bone.


How we'd wear our Crocs to.....WORK


How we'd wear our Crocs to.....YOGA

How we'd wear our Crocs to.....DATE NIGHT


How we'd wear our Crocs to.....RHYTHM AND VINES


How we'd wear our Crocs to.....THE BEACH


How we'd wear our Crocs to.....BRUNCH