Inside Murray Crane's wardrobe

The man behind premium menswear label Crane Brothers is exactly the refined gentlemen you'd expect... Murray Crane oozes sophisticated style. For over 20 years, the designer and his team of contemporary menswear specialists have been crafting beautiful suits, shirts and accessories for the discerning New Zealand man. 

We thought such a celebrated designer - who by the way, is nearly always seen wearing fine tailoring - is likely to have advice and tips to elevate even the most kiwi of blokes. So we asked him to reveal the ways of his wardrobe...


Lockdown's silver lining is the time at home for spring (in our case Autumn) cleaning. How have you been using this downtime? 

I have been pretty busy with work actually, running the team remotely and trying to keep everyone engaged.

What have you mostly been wearing while in lockdown? 

I have been making a real effort to get dressed in the morning as it really assists my mood and motivation levels. Not in a suit but smart casual, tidy and professional for video conferencing.

How often do you reorganise your wardrobe? 

I have worked in the Fashion Industry for 35 years so as you can imagine its quite a lot to manage - to be honest, it's pretty chaotic and haphazard.

How exactly is it organised? 

I normally organise by season and the type of garment so all items of a particular category (shirts) are together.

How do you store certain items to keep them in the perfect nick? 

I am lucky enough to have the tailors at work to help me keep everything shipshape.

What is your criteria for the 'keep' versus 'donate/repurpose'?

I tend to thrash my clothes as I like to road test everything personally before putting it in the store. I just had a massive clean out but some things I cannot part with. I have a few charities that we work with and it normally goes to them - or my son.

What are your styling/organising tips to make your wardrobe look aesthetically pleasing? 

I am all about function so it's designed to work for my busy life rather than being instagrammable.

What are your hero pieces for the colder months? 

Crew neck knits, preferably in pure wool or cashmere, a good coat and sturdy shoes.

What have you learnt over the years with your wardrobe? 

Everything comes back into fashion eventually and if you haven't worn something in the last six months chances are you won't wear it again.

What do you love most about your wardrobe? 

That it's 99% Crane Brothers and that gives me a sense of pride 

Has lockdown sparked any specific kind of inspiration for Crane Brothers and if so, can you tell us what it is? 

I think having time away from work physically has made me reassess the way I work and I am inspired to create a better balance for both myself and my team.