Numbers Speak Louder: The new campaign by New Balance

New Balance have announced the launch of their new campaign, the first creative platform which pays tribute to their unique model numbers. Numbers Speak Louder was created to reflect the creative community that NB Lifestyle and Classics appeal to - and to pay homage to numbers having an inherent link to the brand. From the crazy amounts of pairs of sneakers 'sneakerheads' own to the Lifestyle models that have been around for years. The new campaign not only marks a first for NB Lifestyle, but will serve to celebrate brand anniversaries in 2016. Several classic NB Lifestyle models, the 580, 999 and 995 will turn 20 and 30 respectively. New Balance will also celebrate the 110th year of the brand and 40th year of the ‘N’ logo. The campaign also coincides with the release of Spring/Summer styles. Check out the video below and head here to see the new range. [video src="" size="auto"]