Meet the clothing line that gets better with age

We’d argue that everything good in the world gets better with age (wine, cheese). Somehow, though, the fashion industry seems to have missed the memo. Thankfully, Converse Essentials has just released a premium quality collection of apparel which is designed to get better with each wear.

The pieces themselves are timeless staples that will certainly be worn many a time: tees, crewnecks, hoodies, loose-fitting pants and a backpack. Naturally, these come in black and light grey. Hints of deep red inject colour into the range.

The collection has been designed with the needs of both men and women in mind. For men, shapes are more structured and allow for layering. The womenswear is more tailored. All are also designed for maximum movement so that they will not lose their shape.

Undoubtedly though, the greatest thing about these Converse essentials is that each detail was crafted to allow for wear after wear. The fabric fades naturally to give a stylish worn look, when washed there will be minimal shrinkage, and the fabric is also made to become softer and more comfortable over time. High quality materials, too, will work to ensure the clothing’s lifespan.  

The cherry on top of the collection is the perfect details which have been carefully honed to provide a luxurious, more expensive feel (and yet the prices start at only $50). Zippers are coloured in muted nickel hardware, ribbed binding lines the pockets and collars of tees, the hoods are double layered to provide protection from the elements, and many of the pieces come with an inner phone pocket.

The attention to detail is certainly shown in the backpack, too. The outer material consists of a rubber canvas to ensure its protection from the elements, and the inside features a neoprene-lined laptop sleeve and a scratch and water-resistant front pocket. It is the perfect item for the busy, travelling student or worker.

Overall, the collection draws inspiration from the Chuck All Stars sneakers to create timeless clothing pieces which just keep on giving.

Check out our favourite pieces below:


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