NOM*D making some serious NOISE with their new winter collection

NOMD 91.P1779A Tie Pant Black $275.00We’ve always been big fans of NOM*D, because of their consistent ability to create innovative collections, while still sticking to the essence and signature style of their label. NOM*D have continued this trend by releasing their AW ‘15 collection ‘NOISE’, which once again features classic pieces reinvented with a modern twist. NOISE sticks strictly to an off-the-wall colour scheme of dark colors on the kilts, shirts, skirts, aprons and coats, that are the core of NOM*D. The collection includes new floor-length skirts, as well as T-shirts displaying famous prints from the Bitch Session and gigs at The Glory Hole, featuring Skinny Bob, Equalizer and Shampoo and Condition. This is a range of simple but loud T-shirts NOM*d fans will be excited about! Check out of our favourite looks in the gallery below and click here to view the full collection at their online store. [gallery link="file" ids="5281,5282,5283,5284,5285,5286,5287,5288,5289"]