Lulu’s is the local answer to shopping world-class, luxury jewellery from the comfort of your home

When it comes to sentimental keepsakes, jewellery is often our go-to, but finding the right piece for that special someone or as a treat to yourself can be no easy feat. Luckily for us, one of the world’s most cultivated online jewellery retailers has just launched in New Zealand - making it easier than ever to shop world-class brands right on our doorstep. 

Introducing Lulu’s, the first of its kind online jewellery store that focuses purely on unique, high-quality jewels designed to withstand the test of time. In celebration of their arrival here in New Zealand, Lulu’s has curated a thoughtful selection of sought after jewellery from some of the world’s most iconic, high profile designers. Some of the high profile designers you can expect to see are Alison Lou who made Emily Ratajkowskis's jaw-dropping engagement ring, By Pariah, Ariel Gordon, Mizuki and many more. 

Founded in 2022 by mother and daughter duo Debbie Wells and Lauren Boden, who both share a collective passion for all things adornment, Lulu’s quickly became something so much more than an online store. After observing how the world’s shopping habits changed as a result of the pandemic, the duo set out to create a unique retail experience that spans beyond the usual online sphere. “How we shop has changed so much in the past few years. We’re relying on online shopping far more, and with trips overseas largely off the cards, we’re buying those bigger ticket, luxury pieces here in NZ,” says Creative Director and Co-Founder, Lauren. “The brands we’d usually be exposed to while visiting our favourite foreign cities just aren’t getting any airtime with Kiwis, so we wanted to bring the brands we shopped, wore, and loved while living and travelling overseas to NZ, and in the process, create a new, exciting, and innovative shopping experience.”

From paired back diamonds and pearls to off-beat, quirky enamels and dazzling gemstones, Lulu’s quite literally has something for everyone. If you’re like us and often stuck on what to gift that special someone, Lulu’s not only offers a live gift concierge service ensuring you pick the perfect gift every time, they also offer fresh flowers, lo-fi wine, handmade chocolates and cards to go with your purchase to elevate your gift-giving to new heights. 

If you’re on the hunt for something for yourself, fear not, as Lulu’s also offers an expert virtual styling service, helping you to find your ideal keepsake from the comfort of your own home. 

And just when you thought Lulu’s couldn’t offer anymore when it comes seamless shopping, they also offer a fresh take on jewellery parties, allowing you to view these world-class pieces up close, while having a fun night in with the gals. On request, the Lulu’s team will come to your humble abode with champagne and chocolates, or a curated menu and wine pairing in hand and invite you to join the Lulu’s world. “It’s obvious that Kiwis are looking for ‘newness’ and more intimate, real-life experiences – and our jewellery parties felt like the perfect salve for those who prefer the intimacy of in-person shopping” says Boden.

Discover the world of Lulu’s through their online store now and start booking one-on-one styling and concierge services ahead of your next “treat yo self” moment.