Latch: Oakley teams up with skate icons to create a new eyewear range


Sports and lifestyle brand, Oakley, has paired up with skateboard icons Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, along with globally renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson, to launch a new range of eyewear specifically created to keep up with any active lifestyle.

The new range, entitled Latch, features a patented latch mechanism built into the frames, enabling wearers to securely fasten the sunglasses onto their shirt collar or open pocket - perfect for when the sun starts setting on your skateboard mission.

Adding a modern twist to a classic style, the eclectic pairing of young pros (Caples and Malto) with iconic legends (Koston and Jefferson) created Latch with a minimal and timeless rounded frame and the added benefit of technology and functionality through drawing delving deep into the Oakley archives for inspiration and drawing on outside sources, ranging from classic video games to movies to old-school fashion. The Latch collaboration will continue at Oakley In Residence in Sydney this year. The unique space which celebrates the creativity within, and culture of, skateboarding will be held from November 5th through to November 29th and will be the third Oakley In Residence brand hub. Latch is now available online here. To join the global conversation, search the hashtag #OakleyLatch. [video src="" size="auto"]