Kathryn Wilson at Clicquot in the Snow: Exclusive runway and backstage shots

2V6A5733 Shoe designer Kathryn Wilson staged a Remix Instagram takeover, when she had control of our account on Saturday night, to upload live updates from her show at Clicquot in the Snow! Our followers were privy to virtual front row seats and behind-the-scenes access to one of the biggest shows of the fashion season. Held in the Heliworks Hanger in Frankton, Queenstown, Kathryn Wilson's steamy Spring '14 catwalk show at Clicquot in the Snow was another roaring success for one of our favourite shoe designers. The show was styled by none other than our very own fashion director, Miss Kylie Cooke. Now our readers have exclusive access again, this time to runway shots and backstage footage released exclusively to Remix. Check out the two galleries below, one with pics of the runway action and another with pics of what went into producing the show. Click here to visit Kathryn Wilson online.

Clicquot in the Snow: The Kathryn Wilson runway...

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Clicquot in the Snow: Backstage at Kathryn Wilson...

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