The groovy additions to the Karen Walker lens legacy

It’s time to get your groove on and apply a bold new makeup look to your eyes – sans makeup brush.

Introducing EYESHADOW, the new seventies, discotheque chic-inspired collection from the leading authority on sunglasses, Karen Walker, released in collaboration with M.A.C. cosmetics.

Karen Walker's new collection mingles smoke, gold and silver mirror with starkly contrasting soft sheer tints in pared-back tints of marigold and pink. All shades in the collection are styled in slick, new rimless silhouettes.


The shades are also styled to play perfectly with M.A.C's new new super- adrenalised colour rocker matte lipsticks. Pictured are the sheer pink of Karen Walker's DISCO CIRCUS set against M.A.C's 'Yellow you Dare', the smoky Karen Walker DANCER lenses coupled with the riotous hue of M.A.C's sky blue 'Instant Icon', and Karen Walker's LOVE HANGOVER with M.A.C's soft 'Feeling Fizzy'.


Karen says she sees her eyewear becoming a new essential tool for makeup kits.

“For our soft tints we wanted a look that was very pared back...almost as if you’d just dusted your eyes with the lightest touch of powder.”


Karen Walker EYESHADOW will be available globally from 5th April 2017 from selected stores including Barneys, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Matches, Coterie, DFS, Liberty, David Jones and Karen Walker stores.

All tinted lens styles are $329, whilst mirrored lenses are $349. 

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