Jump into the fashion field at Whitecliffe

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design is the perfect place for imaginative minds and visionary art junkies to start on their drawing boards and delve into the world of innovation and risk-taking.

Do you have dreams to see your threads being showcased on the runway? This creative and dynamic learning space gives students the chance to personally express themselves artistically through their work and showcase their designs at the annual Whitecliffe Fashion Show, in front of over 1,000 people including the notable media and industry VIPs.

Ambitions of being New Zealand’s next top fashion guru? Or how about going large and taking on the world stage? Careers for Fashion Design graduates include becoming a fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion journalist or a merchandiser. Endeavor to be the next Anna Wintour… I think yes!

Jorge Alfaro, a Whitecliffe College graduate and fashion designer, says: ‘Whitecliffe is not only a school where you develop creative potential, but there is also a support system that helps guide you after graduation.  I love designing and making clothes, and at Whitecliffe we were given the freedom to explore and flourish from within.’

Not to mention, Jorge is launching an activewear brand at the 2018 Vancouver Fashion Week, proving that yes, dreams really do come true!

But that’s not where the inspiration ends, Whitecliffe also offers three more specializations in Photo Media, Fine Arts and Graphic Design. 

This prestigious college can cater to any artistically talented individual, as they take every student on a journey of inspiration, turning their aspirations into reality.

If you’re a lover of everything cutting-edge, and are keen to learn more about following your passions, Whitecliffe host a range of open days to cater to a wide variety of creative fields, from Photo Media through to Graphic Design. Check out the remaining open days below :

Fine Arts – Thursday 10 August

Fashion Design – Wednesday 16 August

Graphic Design – Thursday 17 August

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