Emporio Armani unveil their Spring/Summer 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week

In the world of high fashion, Armani is synonymous with timeless elegance and innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity. With the unveiling of their latest collection, ‘Like a Breeze’, Emporio Armani invites us into a world where the spirit of summer is embodied in each look.

Jackets are tailored carefully to either embrace or lightly graze the bust, while crop tops and shorts playfully show hints of skin for that summery feeling. Trousers elegantly accompany the silhouette, and flowing skirts gracefully accentuate every step. The style is effortlessly complemented by flat footwear, stylish eyewear, and luxurious foulards. Bags are made to match every look, coming in varying sizes and forms, from crocheted to leather.

This epic new collection features only the finest flowy fabrics, subtly illuminated with metallic and iridescent accents, contrasted with embroidered and woven elements. The colour palette transitions from warm golden beiges juxtaposed against deep blacks, into a cool spectrum of silver, chalk, and mineral greys. Notes of pastel lavender and sage green perfectly capture the very essence of a summer’s breeze.