Grailed announces new women's fashion website

Born out of a yearning to buy a pair of $700 Vivism boots he couldn't afford, Arun Guptar founded the curated menswear marketplace From Gosha Rubchinskiy to Common Projects this fashion bazaar facilitates one of the largest collections of luxury and hyped menswear on the internet. With over 500,000 users who buy and sell their loved pieces, it has become a staple in male fashion circles. The popular site has also received a lot of love and attention from some of fashion's influencers including A$AP Rocky, Luka Sabbat and photographer Tommy Ton.

However,  Grailed has yet to provide a similar enthusiast community for its growing female fan base of whom Kylie Jenner is a notable fan. That is all about to change. Kristen Dempsey, Brand Director has announced that the website will be adding a women's equivalent to the online fashion community very soon.


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Dempsey opened up about what the new women's site will offer: 

"It will be a sister site to grailed, not a twin. Like grailed, it will be a luxury peer-to-peer community built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It will feature the same high-level of curation, biggest catalogue brands, and best prices..." 

However, details including the new name of the website are still hush-hush. 

If the OG men's site is anything to go by, the new launch promises to be another step towards creating a fashion enthusiast community for everyone. 

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