In Conversation with Georgia Fowler on her bond-eye swimwear collaboration

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, few names have captured the industry's imagination quite like Remix past cover star Georgia Fowler. Her latest venture, bond-eye by Georgia Fowler, partnering with Australian swimwear label bond-eye, promises a fresh and vibrant aesthetic to the beachwear scene. 

Remix editor-in-chief Amber caught up with the woman herself to delve into the details of this latest project. 

Georgia! We miss you - when are you next coming back to NZ and will you be bringing your beautiful bond-eye swimwear collab here?

I have recently relocated back to New York with my family to support my husband Nathan’s expansion of Fish/This Bowl in America. I love New Zealand it will always be my spiritual home, I’m hoping to get back there to see my friends and family later in the year...travelling is a little different for me now with a toddler and new born.
The bond-eye by Georgia Fowler collection will be available world-wide from May 13th at and selected boutiques

Describe the bespoke collection you worked on in three words...

Feminine, timeless, luxe.

It sounds like you were incredibly hands-on in the design process - sketching designs yourself - how important was this aspect of the collaboration to you and why?

It’s really important for me to be across the whole process if I am putting my name to it. I’ve always wanted to design my own swimwear collection, collaborating with bond-eye has allowed me to bring my ideas to life - we explored fabric constraints, colour palette and styles. I wanted pieces that are classic that can withstand trends but with a slight unique twist focusing on flattering shapes and fabric. I’m so excited to launch bond-eye by Georgia Fowler.

Was it easy or challenging choosing the colours?

The hardest part is narrowing down styles and colours but I just think what colours I love most and go with that. I gravitate more to neutral tones and have chosen five classic colours. The collection was inspired by ethereal natural colours that transport us to our ideal holiday destinations, think golden hues, and crystal clear waters.

Who is the bond-eye by Georgia woman?

She’s confident, powerful, and enjoys life and all it brings.

This marks your first design collaboration in three years, and your first post-pregnancy, how does this move resonate with your career and personal evolution?

This collection is my first collaboration post-pregnancy, it deeply intertwines with the evolution of my career and my identity today. Designing collections that in still confidence and empowerment in everyone was my main objective. Becoming pregnant and a mother has only reinforced the significance of this mission. Experiencing pregnancy firsthand has provided invaluable insight into what people truly desire in swimwear, making it easier to create pieces that resonate with them on a personal level.

How does sustainability come into play with this collection?

I love how the collection is locally made in Sydney, Australia and the fact that it’s unsized so reduces excess stock. The white lurex is made using recycled crinkle yarn and the shell rings are made using recycled resin and recycled shell pieces. I'm also proud to be working with an all female-led communities in the bond-eye factory + fabric mill. bond-eye are constantly looking to improve, prioritising ethical manufacturing, and mapping the supply chain to make sure they are abiding by the modern slavery act and upholding ethical practices.

When and where is the collection available for kiwis?

The bond-eye by Georgia Fowler collection is available world-wide from May 13th at with free delivery over $200.

Is it true bond-eye swimsuits can be worn pre, during and post pregnancy due to their flexible unsized fits all design?

Absolutely, thats what I love about bond-eye swimwear the most, whatever body shape I’m going through I can wear the same pieces. I wore bond-eye swimsuits throughout my entire pregnancy, as the fabric allows for comfortable stretch without sheerness or lining that digs into your new curves.

You're obviously a water baby... what is your ultimate must-visit beach?

I would be happiest chasing the sun all year long. I love Bondi but now I’m moving to the northern hemisphere it really opens up so many more opportunities, I can’t wait!

Besides a bond-eye suit, what else could we find in your beach bag?

These days its a little different - baby wipes & nappies but I always have sunscreen and a hat, and my favourite sarong to get be from beach to beach club.

It's winter right now... are you brave enough to swim the Eastern beaches of Sydney in the cold, or would you rather jet to somewhere else?

When in Sydney I try to swim all year round as I am a water baby. I’ have just relocated to New York with my family and excited that it will soon be summer here, I am looking forward to spending the summer in the Hamptons.