Gucci's newest campaign celebrates diversity

It is no mystery why Gucci has navigated its way into the hearts and minds of the fash pack - through way of our Instagram feeds. From the invention of the Gucci Ghost to the creation of high-class Gucci memes, the luxury label is capturing our attention yet again with yet another genius campaign, their pre-Fall '17 collection, titled 'Soul Scene'.

The fashion house took to Instagram to announce the upcoming launch of their latest campaign, which celebrates the art of diversity.

The phrase 'Soul Scene' may sound familiar as the fashion house teased its campaign back in January with a series of mini audition videos. The videos feature the cast of models answering the question, "what does it mean to have soul?"

Inspired by the 1960s Northern Soul movement, 'Soul Scene' is all about black American soul music and the elaborate fashion that accompanied it. Photographer Malick Sidibe captured ethnic dancers getting down on the d-floor in matching tracksuits, fur jackets and super luxe sequined bombers.

Fast forward three months later and we can finally feast our eyes on what Gucci has been working on behind the scenes.

Check out every incredible look, below: 

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