Five things you didn't know about Lottie Moss

After the new Ms Moss landed the cover of French Vogue with our favourite It boy, Lucky Blue Smith, we are left utterly obsessing! How has this blue eyed, fierce featured babe stayed out of the lime light all this time?

To help you get to know this up and coming supermodel, here's five Lottie Moss facts.

1. You may be wondering how the young model is related to icon Kate Moss with such an epic age difference? Well the two are actually half sisters. They only share the same father, David, who Lottie lives with in the UK countryside.

2. One thing the two sisters definitely have in common (besides their perfectly angelic faces) is their waif-like figures. Lottie tells how she hits the gym nearly every day to keep in shape, at least 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes of abs.

Lottie Moss

3. Lottie’s dream job? Fashion journalism. (EEEEK, maybe she can join us at Remix?) However, the English rose is more than happy with killing it in the modelling industry for now.

4. The 18-year-old signed on her 16th birthday with Storm Model Management. The same agency which first signed big sis, Kate, at 14. Whilst Kate soon left school and took up modelling full time; Lottie is determined to finish school saying her fave subjects are History, English and P.E. 

5. Just months are signing Lottie was snatched up by Calvin Klein to showcase it’s ‘Re-Issue Project’ – where eight most iconic CK designs were revived. Of course the personally designed Kate Moss boyfriend tapered jean is one of the eight!

Kate Moss