Remix editor-in-chief Amber attends Gucci Ancora in Singapore

Under the masterful eye of Gucci's new creative director Sabato De Sarno, GUCCI ANCORA was born. Remix editor-in-chief Amber Baker was invited to attend an exclusive exhibition of the collection - for this part of the world - in Singapore.

Taking place at the Ritz-Carlton's Garden Pavilion - which had been literally turned Ancora red - we rubbed shoulders with the Italian house's friends, a select group of press and VIPs from the region. Privy to an up close and personal showcase of the chic collection, we explored the looks in a way that felt more like a dramatic walk-in-wardrobe than a mere display. 

Surrounded by a lavish Ancora red - a first for the Garden Pavilion which had literally been turned Ancora red on every surface - 30 key looks took the stage. Initially nervous to touch the exquisite dresses and accessories, myself and the other guests soon became accustomed to experiencing the pieces in an entirely new way to simply viewing it on the runway. I even tried some on.


Already pegged for having a more clean aesthetic to his predecessor, I could once again see how De Sarno has traded in some of the more frivolous eccentrics and quirky maximalism of Gucci's past for an understated glam that carries both charm and strength.

Where OTT floral print shirts and severed heads once hung* now double-boned strapless dresses, supple matching leather sets and sleek micro mini skirts now took their place. Just the right amount of embellishments adorned Jackie bags, semi crop (not quite short, not quite long) tops and utterly feminine party outfits caught my eye like a magpie. *Gucci Fall Winter 2018 show - IYKYK.


The devil, as always, was in the details. Subtle touches of gold Gucci could be found - a notable detail I missed when viewing the runway show, but something I relished upon closer inspection; like the slingback heel straps emblazoned with 'GUCCI', bold almost abstract 'G' earrings and miniature animal head hardware sitting softly atop dress pockets.

Seeing Singapore, one of the most vibrant, joyful and dynamic cities of Asia through the eyes of Gucci really brought home the House’s profound respect for global resonance and celebration of culture. GUCCI ANCORA is a collection and a trip that won't soon be forgotten.