Five things you need to know about Trelise Cooper's latest show

Trelise Cooper once again exceeded the limits of a fashion show, with her Theatre of Fashion extravaganza, showcasing her Spring and Summer collection of 2018. Presented at the Q Theatre on the 19th of June, the show consisted of four fresh collections, reinforcing Trelise's vision of fashion being an instrument to make a woman feel beautiful, happy and empowered. 

Trelise Cooper's fashion line is renown for its delicate, feminine and luxurious fabrics, flaunting dynamic colours, touches of lace and even shimmering embellishments. Each year, we wait in anticipation for her next fashion inventions which are revealed throughout her extravagant stagecraft. This year we were again treated to Trelise's sumptuous show, where we caught a glamorous glimpse of her new collections. 

Without further ado, here are our chosen top five things we think you need to know about Trelise Cooper's latest show, Theatre of Fashion...

1. The Playlist
The fashion designer's playlist for her show was nothing short of hip. An array of punchy beats featuring some of the hottest tunes of today such as 'Despacito' and artists amongst the likes of Post Malone, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry left us bopping along in our seats watching the models strut to the beat.

2. The Shades
Since when is it acceptable to wear shades inside? - Since Trelise Cooper's latest fashion show, duh! One thing definitely worth noting about Trelise's show was the serious shade she threw - and by this, we mean the number of sunglass styles that caught our eye. From bold electric-blue to subtle floral frames and even some super-groovy and super-round Elton John look-a-likes, we loved these innovative new styles for the warmer seasons! 

3. The Beauty Looks
The models of the show were all spruced up by Bettjemans salon, lead by Sacha who tousled their curls or applied a beachy wave. Leading makeup artist Lochie Stonehouse and M.A.C Cosmetics worked their magic and committed to the vision of making women beautifully modern.

4. The Trends
Four collections were exhibited on the runaway. This includes COOP, her fun and youthful line, expressing trends such as bold florals, delicate pastels and even daring sparkles. COOPER, a more casual twist to fun pieces and carefree looks, along with the classic TRELISE COOPER SPRING/SUMMER line, involving exquisite fabrics with attitude, and evening wear. Lastly, TRELISE COOPER RESORT, a line suited to a tropical island escape to make you feel as if the sand is between your toes, whilst a Mojito fits snug in hand.

Keep an eye out for when these looks will be available for your own wardrobe...

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5. The Set-Up
Every year Trelise Cooper exceeds expectations with her impressive runway set-up, allowing us to feel part of the world she creates within her fashion shows. This year we were exposed to a life-size bridge, created by Three Sixty Design, transforming the venue into a romantic European vision. Bunches of vibrant flowers arranged by Tomuri & Co, were placed along the railing of the bridge, creating a beautifully coloured arch. Finally, the runway imitated the clear blue water of a tropical island, emphasizing the Spring/Summer feel to a new level.  

We can't wait until we can get our hands on these collections ourselves! Any excuse to look suave whilst sipping on a Pina Colada am I right?