Your first glimpse at Alexa Chung's new clothing line

We’ve known it was coming since last July, but we were beginning to think it was all a rumour… Thankfully, Alexa Chung has put our minds at ease with the announcement that her new clothing line is set to be released on May 30. We couldn’t be more excited!

The collection will be revealed in London, but a live-stream on her website will keep us up to speed. Until then, Alexa has given us a sneak peek into what we can expect on her Instagram and website.

Alexa released a teaser video which has everybody talking. Entitled Dressage, it was directed by Grammy-nominated Lorin Askill, and features Alexa on horseback, as a tribute to her own riding days, and decked out – of course – in her self-titled clothing line. 

The video opens with Alexa flaunting a voluminous, high-neck shirt with ruffle detailing, and a tartan tweed blazer. To the sound of violins, Alexa then mounts a white horse and slowly rides around a sand-filled arena.

While the video is perhaps a little dramatic (and perhaps supposed to be, knowing Alexa’s wit), it perfectly captures the essence of the brand, and of Alexa: old-school, classic, and a little bit quirky.

The model and entrepreneur describes the campaign as ‘a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the dedication, precision, skill and determination needed to develop and create something aesthetically pleasing, coupled with the feeling that you could spend endless amounts of time trying to create something that means a lot to you, hoping that someone might appreciate it.’

Not normally one to let others rule her style, Alexa is known as the girl who wears a frilly dress with her Doc Martens, and never takes fashion too seriously. 

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ she said of Dressage. ‘I guess it’s supposed to be funny!’ 

This bold, too-cool-to-care attitude is one of the things we love most about Miss Chung, and judging from this first glimpse, we're expecting big things from her first venture into fashion. 

Check out the full teaser video here:

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