Meet your new eyewear obsession

Growing up, the idea of owning a pair of much-admired specs seemed like the ultimate path to adulthood. The allure of glasses meant that by wearing them you were instantly transformed into a pillar of wisdom, akin your teacher or local librarian.

However, when things started getting a little blurry and the reality hit that you did actually need glasses, the fear of finding a pair that both suited you and was totally on trend set in.

Fashion-oriented Insight Eyecare offers a fresh approach when it comes to optometry – offering customers the latest eyewear technology from highly trained staff who know their stuff when it comes to glasses.

A unique eyewear experience rivalled to none, knowledgeable dispensing optician Isobel Martinez walks you through the process of finding your perfect frames, and takes a great deal of pride in placing them on the right face.

The bespoke optometrist stocks bold and colourful collections from talented eyewear design houses, with a particular penchant for retro styling.

Kiwi eyewear designer Hollie has created a truly unique offering with her latest collection from Age Eyewear – Season 4. Unlike anything the Hamilton-based optometrist has stocked previously, her latest offering encapsulates everything Insight Eyecare is about – strong styling with a fashion-forward focus.

Just in time for summer, Pared Eyewear delivers on sunglasses that break design boundaries while protecting your peepers from harmful UV rays. We’re predicting the ultra stylish ‘Up & At ‘Em’ and ‘Charlie & The Angles’ will be huge this season.

Eyewear giant TAVAT have recently launched their Soup Can Collection, which features strongly engineered pieces inspired by the famous 1930’s duo ‘The Flying Burritos’. The glasses the aerial pair wore resembled the bottoms of tin soup cans, which had the middle cut out and glass inserted for lens. Designed in California and manufactured in Italy, the Soup Can collection proves that round styles are here to stay.

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