Going to Laneway? We've discovered the ultimate festie shoe

If summer style is top priority, then summer comfort runs a close second. Summer festivals (while fun) can be no joke. Mix the heat of the sun and long days dancing on your feet in hot and uncomfortable footwear, and you can consider your festy-attending career squashed.

That’s why, until now, finding the perfect festive footwear has been more difficult than getting to the front of the stage. Durable and down for anything, the new Dr. Martens sandal is the number one wardrobe staple this season, for both festivals and festive occasions, perfectly suited for walks between your favourite live bands, days on the beach, and overseeing the barbecue. Echoing the same ery attitude, rebellious aesthetic and resilient nature of regular Dr. Martens, these sandals are ready for any kind of summer chaos you throw at them. Rugged fields, mud and rain, sand and even the stomps of fellow festy-goers… they won’t back down.

The Clarissa Patent has three front straps and an ankle strap, meaning you can dance non-stop, sprint to the drinks queue and even crowdsurf with total peace of mind that they aren’t going anywhere. No more blisters, sore heels or swollen feet? Sounds heaven-sent for any festival aficionado.

As always with Dr Martens, functionality doesn’t come at the expense of style... The vintage inspired collection is just as tough and durable with AirWair soles and leather uppers, taking a cue from the East Coast America grunge scene.

Put ya hands up for Dr Martens this summer - the solution to your worst festy woes.