Discover bold new spring styles for the iconic Converse One Star

Sort of like how we only appreciate the greatest artists posthumously, the true appreciation of ‘90s fashion only happened after its passing. The era was iconic for its rebellious and rule-breaking philosophy, which included the rebirth of the Converse One Star.

When initially released by Converse in 1974, the world wasn’t quite ready for the One Star and all its diversity. Cue the ‘90s, when street style gurus and skate communities paved the way for this unique sneaker to be truly appreciated for what it was - a bold statement of ferocious individuality.

Now cue 2018, the year in which trendsetters and rule-breakers are very ready for the Converse One Star to make another daring return. Converse’s tenacious attitude towards fashion is what makes them unique, seen in their latest spring collection.

The spring line-up features audacious colours, platform soles and ‘hairy suede’. Like their predecessors, they’re not for the faint-hearted. All One Star sneakers are designed following the iconic low-top style. They were originally built for the court but have transcended to the street and beyond.

The One Star shoe won’t be a stranger to those who are familiar with history’s most iconic misbehavers. Leo Mandella, Sage Elsesser, Tove Lo and Brockhampton, have all personified Converse’s against the grain ideology. These names are only the beginning of a long list of fashion defiant individuals.

Check out the Converse One Star spring collection here.