Deadly Ponies teams up with My Little Pony

Deadly Ponies have launched their latest collab with the magical and enchanting ponies from the world of Equestria… and these bags have rainbows and fairy dust written all over them!

My Little Pony has teamed up with the edgy New Zealand brand to create a half-edgy yet playful carrier that combines the signature leather material with the childlike rainbow pattern. 

And it doesn’t stop at these spellbinding handbags! Coin purses are also a part of the 13-piece collection which feature ‘Cutie Marks’, unique picture-like symbols that represent each pony - including apples, rainbows and stars.  Umm… adorable!

And what’s a bag without a little accessory, right!? Well this collection has you sorted for adding a lil extra bling - introducing the ‘Pony Puff’ bag charms that are inspired by the 80’s furry friends Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.  The black pony you ask? The name is ‘My Deadly Pony’ - a new character created specifically for the collection.  So obsessed!