Bulgari launches B.zero1 - the new classic

When it comes to jaw-dropping jewellery, Bulgari is a name unmatched. With iconic collections such as the Serpenti designs, which have been dazzling us for over 70 years, Bulgari’s alumni of pieces, together, creates a bijouterie legacy like no other. Keeping with the feeling of nostalgia that is so commonly associated with their house, Bulgari is reintroducing a collection that is both modern and timeless, challenging  the conventions of modern design. 

Driven by its spirit of innovation, the fashion house is bringing back another magnificent collection, its iconic B.zero1. Enriched and complemented with a wave-shaped diamond décor, the new collection is a metaphor for the powerful momentum that we experience toward opportunities, personal growth and positive change. A jewel that celebrates the path to new beginnings and unprecedented, exciting journeys.

Created in 1999, the jewellery was designed to celebrate the future and welcome in the year 2000. Channelling the strength of fresh starts, the collection took its name from its inspiration. B stands for Bulgari, zero stands for 2000 and 1 stands for new and infinite beginnings. Together, B.zero1 is a bright hope for adventurers and jewellery enthusiasts alike. 

Unconstrained by codes and conventions, the B.zero1 reinvents the rules of jewellery through a sleek, stylish design. Inspired by an Italian treasure, the piece defies conformity through creative juxtapositions - the old and the new, the classic and the modern. 

Paying homage to Rome’s spectacular Colosseum, the fluid, sculptural and unmistakably architectural forms of the new B.zero1 ring features a sparkling diamond-set wave, embracing the distinctive central spiral on both ends. The spiral is a reminder to follow your own trail, because at every turn, there is an opportunity and ‘chapter 1’ waiting to be written. This subtle-yet-scintillating touch adds a note of sophistication to the eternally modern and iconic design, giving shape to a new classic.

Available in the three-band version in 18kt yellow, rose or white gold, the new interpretation of the collection fuses its legendary convention-defying spirit with the evocative force of its new inspiration. Once more, B.zero1 reaffirms its place as a jewel-icon, worn by those who live life on their own terms and achieve their goals with determination and audacity. Born from revolutionising aesthetic codes, an icon has been reinvented through creativity and imagination. B.zero1 is for anyone who dares to dream and who does everything to transform a bold vision into reality.