Based on your star sign, these are the Crocs you should be wearing

The Remix team is always on the lookout for a fun shoe to elevate our cosy fits, and keep us comfortable on the go. It can be hard to find footwear that ticks all the boxes so why not leave it to the stars? Even if mercury is in retrograde (which it feels like it always is) these Crocs are sure to put some bounce in your step and brighten up even the gloomiest of days. 

Image via @memor_studio



Aries, you’re loud, proud, strong and brave. You’re the baby of the zodiac, only in that, you are the very first sign and therefore the most raw with your needs and emotions. You can be a little needy! often commanding attention and getting bored easily, because of this the Mega Crush Clog is perfect for you. Practical, entertaining and bold enough to complement your passionate nature. 



Taurus, you poor things can be misunderstood. Often considered laidback (or dare we say it, lazy) what you really do is deconstruct situations carefully and with thought. You like to understand situations in full making you great with money and a hard worker. Just like the bull, you are rock solid and gentle but when pushed you can be fierce, the Hiker 2.0 Festival Clog will support your thoughtful endeavours and offer stability when the road gets a little rough.


Gemini, you’re clever clogs (see what we did there) you’re smart, fast, curious and super-adaptable. You’re easily distracted but a great person to have around. You like to keep your options open and you can be a bit of a gossip, it’s hard to know which version of you to expect and because of this, you’ll love the Classic Marbled Clog it’s a bit like you, traditional yet full of fun.


Cancerians, you’re pretty hot! you’re intense and charismatic but you can also be a bit possessive and moody. When you’re not flirting you’re creative, intuitive and caring. You do demand a lot of attention but you’re good at giving it back. You are the ride-or-die friend and partner, you’re loyal and sometimes it feels like you can read minds. The Hiker Xscape Clog is attention-seeking like you can be but it’s also supportive and sure to stick by you through all the ups and downs that come with being a good friend.


We hate to break it to you Leo, the world doesn’t actually revolve around you. You love to take centre stage but you work hard for it so, fair enough! You’re also charming, welcoming and protective. You’re great to have around and always ready to lead the charge, a bit like the Echo Marble Clog you draw a lot of attention to yourself and why not? You’re funny, clever and your confidence is reassuring for the rest of us. As you can be a little jealous, these clogs will provide the right amount of tread to tackle confrontation along with the comfort required for a full day of letting others know just what makes you so great. 


Virgo, you work hard but we’d never know it, you’re elegant and come off as rather serene. You have high standards and can be a bit obsessive but this just makes you great at organising. You’re reliable and even though you can come off as a little uptight, you’re also entertaining and secretly a lot of fun. The Crush Boot is the perfect partner in crime for your winter day-to-day tasks, you’ll love the attention to detail and of course, just how practical these are. 


Libra, you’re a cool cucumber. You’re tactful and diplomatic, we don't often see you involved in drama and god forbid we ever saw a messy bedroom or desk! There’s no better match for you than the Classic Crush Clog with its calm colourway and considered comfort, you’re a match made in heaven. You hate mess and chaos, I get it! These clogs are the perfect blue to compliment the colour-coded shoe closet we know you have.


Just like your symbol, you’re a savage Scorpio. You don’t need anyone else's approval and you’re fiercely loyal, it’s hard to ignore you so it’s only fitting that you’d rock the Classic Clog in Neon Watermelon, like you they’re bold, bright and they don’t take any s**t. You love a challenge and these clogs are ready for action, the back strap makes them perfect for all your risky activities and the colour serves as a warning to anyone that tried to confront you. 


You’re a good egg Saggitarius, you’re bright and breezy and because you have no filter you’re a hell of a good time! It’s nearly impossible to stay mad at you and your bouncy energy is contagious. Although it may appear subtle there’s more than meets the eye with the Classic Lined Clog they resist the rules just like you do with a secret fuzzy lining making them practical for both summer and winter. 


You’re very practical Capricorn! You’re stoic and ambitious, you are the hardest worker in the Zodiac and it shows. Nothing says Capricorn more than the Classic Clog in Bone, we know you love to collaborate and these are easy to pair with, well, everything! They’ll take you from A to B in both comfort and style.


You’d like to change the world Aquarius and you have the intellectual smarts to do it, you’re very upfront and you don’t throw a lot of shade. Some people think you’re a little aloof or even cold but you’re just more reserved than the other signs. Put those assumptions to rest with the Classic Clog in Sunflower show the world your more sunny side, literally.


You’re a wise old soul Pisces, you’re successful, busy and driven. You do have an inner struggle though, when you’re not slaying your career you want to pull the covers over your head and just stay in bed, because of this you should prioritise comfort. The Classic Cozzy Sandal is ideal for those hiding from the world days. They still look aesthetic which we know you’ll appreciate, the soft supportive sole is just an added bonus.